More Together


Personalised learning

For the main subjects math, language and spelling we use digital means to help children learn in the manner best suited to them. The teacher provides interactive instruction on three levels, appropriate to each child’s development phase. After that, the children process the subject matter using a tablet. The apps provide the teacher with feedback on a child's personal learning path, allowing them to respond to this.

Learning through discovery

Recognizing talent

You can more easily discover your interests and talents when you come into contact with as many different activities as possible. These activities do not always fit in with the regular educational program. For this reason, we extend the school day by an hour three times a week. Together with their parents, children can decide whether they’d like to participate in activities such as music and sports.

Durable togetherness

The same school hours every day

The ‘five-identical-days’ model means that all groups attend school at the same times each day. This provides calm and structure and, therefore, safety, which allow all children to develop optimally. Tuition time is distributed proportionately, which improves concentration and helps children learn more effectively. After school hours, there is time to relax or go to sports clubs.

Our School

Primary school plays a crucial part in your child’s development. These eight years represent a considerable part of a child’s life. During this period, you’re entrusting your child to your school of choice: a Christian school with an excellent atmosphere and a learning environment that suits you and your child.

At Schatkaart, we pay a great deal of attention to personalized learning and talent development. Every child is unique, gifted with his or her specific talents. For us, it is important to adapt our education to this. Here, you can find out how we do that. We ensure every child is ready for the future – which will be great! Apply for an interview today!

Mila (4) wants to live on Mars

And her teacher can come with her. For at our Octant school, Mila learns about working together with others and technology. She grows up to be a self-aware person who dares to make decisions, so she will opt for living in Madrid instead of Mars.

Schatkaart is part of Octant

Octant operates eight Christian schools in nine locations. Octant schools are characterized by their endless striving towards growth. We focus on growth through quality improvement every day. Staff regularly attend school themselves: our own academy, at which teachers and staff receive training that helps them become even better at their tasks, is just one way in which we realise our ambitions. We improve quality by constantly adapting our teaching to today’s society. We place an emphasis on science and technology. Three core values provide the bedrock for all our efforts: 'Self-awareness', 'Learning through discovery' and 'Durable togetherness’.